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ISO 9001

Isaf is ISO 9001: 2015 certified since 1999. Isaf’s commitment is to increase the quality standards of its products, services and process more and more over time.


ISO 14000

In 2018 Isaf also obtained the ISO 14000: 2015 certification. This, in order to ensure constant respect for the environment and for people.



In 2021 Isaf has obtained the IATF certification, in order to better meet the specific quality requirements of customers in the automotive sector.

Continuous quality monitoring and improvement

All these certifications mean that Isaf is subjected to regular checks by third-party ISO assessors and customers. The results of these audits are used by Isaf as a starting point and motivation to improve and strengthen its quality level both in terms of product and process.

Isaf also periodically carries out tests on the doors, even after reaching maturity for series production, even over the years.

Quality Policy